TEDxWarrington 2023

‘Tackling Diversity, Embracing Change’

Our Theme

Tackling adversity, Embracing change is about sharing fresh ideas that reflect diversity, innovative spirit and strength of character.

The Talks

Can we prevent breast cancer? | Lester Barr MBE | TEDxWarrington

Beyond appearances: The deeper connection between identity and hair loss | Nicola Wood | TEDxWarrington

Riding the rapids of young-onset Parkinson’s (YOPD) | Jo Tosh | TEDxWarrington

Disrupt or be disrupted: Embracing generative AI | Robert Dixon | TEDxWarrington

Invisible disability: Challenging bias to enable change | Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee | TEDxWarrington

Adversity, discovery and acceptance of a true identity | Carlos Munez | TEDxWarrington

Could reading a bedtime story change the world? | Louisa Herridge | TEDxWarrington

Exposing the lie – changing your relationship with stress | Sue Evans | TEDxWarrington

How being dead changed my perspective on life | Karl Perry | TEDxWarrington


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