Rebecca Wray Coaching Consultancy

Short Bio

As leadership development experts, we offer training, coaching and personal development webinars aiming to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviours. Our vision is to co create flourishing workforces through strategic people development, established in 2011 we have been working across the public and private sector developing people. Through our skilled team we deliver bespoke, intuitive, flexible development solutions that make a real difference to the bottom line, culture, and relationships. Our work is underpinned by our organisational values: honesty, challenge, and relationships. Always endeavouring to communicate in a candid, honest manner, we build partnerships where our clients see us as their ‘leadership team’s unofficial additional member and critical friend’.

What is an interesting fact about your organisation?

We have a guide dog puppy that is more popular than our team members on zoom!

Why are you supporting TEDxWarrington?

Over my career, TED has supported not only my own personal and professional development, but then also that of hundreds of my clients. They way TED enables the sharing of ideas in such an open, giving way really appeals to me. We are all lifelong learners and TED supports this. TEDx in particular gives more people a stage on which to share their ideas – everyone should have the opportunity to share their voice.

Extended Bio

Working in partnership with our clients across Europe, we decide on the most suitable development tools for their people. We have extensive experience working in all levels of education, also within law, retail and pharmacy to name a few, the team between them have over 150 years of experience in leadership development! We design and deliver bespoke training programmes to suit their needs enabling training to be specific, relevant and agile, responding to the challenges and opportunities the client faces. We work with leadership teams to develop their effectiveness and support in talent management planning in order to develop leadership pipelines. Coaching is a large part of our work, be it on a one to one basis, coaching teams or groups or delivering training to be a coach. In the past two years, we have also moved into leadership apprenticeships. We deliver Level 3 Team leader and Level 5 Operations manager/department manager apprenticeship programmes for clients in many different sectors giving learners an additional bonus of learning more about other organisations and their cultures. Our personal development webinars have been a more recent addition giving businesses a flexible, cost-effective people development solution to offer to their staff. Covering a wide number of topics, these webinars are aimed at developing the individual in order for them to be the best they can be at work, and at home.