Meet the TEDxWarrington Team

As TEDx events operate non-commercially, the organising team offer their time voluntarily, as do many of the external support team. Speakers are not paid for their involvement.

The core team is headed by licensee and organiser, Kirsty James, and includes a small group that oversee marketing, operations, communications, finances and other key functions. A support team of further external contacts and businesses provides services including web, design and photography.

Organising Team

Kirsty James

Organiser & Licensee

Lucy Jackman

Marketing / Communications

Gill Fletcher


Support Team

Roz Healey

Digital Manager

Sophy Bostock

Website Developer

Sharon Chartress

Social Media

Catherine Sandland

Speaker Coach

Kerry Spink

Stakeholder Manager

Paul Chadwick

Video Production

Associate Team

Kate Trafford

Speaker Panel

John Cooper

Speaker Panel

Beca Purvis

Digital Support

Andrew Thorp

Event Host

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Diversity & Inclusion

Kerry Lockyer

Speaker Support

Andrew Collier

Speaker Photographer

Jo Taylor

Attendee & Event Admin

Kim Griffiths

Script Prompter

Sam Newey

Floor Support

Jane Burkinshaw

Backstage Photograhy

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