Carlos Munez

"Adversity, discovery and acceptance of a true identity."

Carlos is one of the last Peruvian adoptees to come to the UK. Having grown up in Bolton and Cheshire he’s acquired an obscure accent!

Carlos is pursuing a career in Design Management. It’s an opportunity and achievement of a lifetime considering his aspirations at age 15 were far less than this.

Since Carlos met his wife at 16 their partnership has grown stronger every year. They’ve travelled the world and motivated each other through their studies. They renovated their first home at 24 and had a DIY wedding at 25. Carlos is now a father of two and absolutely loving life.

Carlos has daily contact with his birth family in Peru. He and his wife set up Peru Interiors to share the talent and craft of his family and local makers in their community. They are all learning, sharing and consider us a good example of an Anglo-Andean business. The business has the power to change lives.