Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

"Unmasking Invisible Disability: challenging bias to enable change."

Amrita is a strong believer in enabling people to harness their potential to grow, thrive, and flourish. With a focus on promoting healthier work-life practices, she supports people through the cultivation of individualised, unique wellbeing strategies and has focused her research and work in fulfilling this passion.

During the pandemic, Amrita spearheaded and developed a voluntary wellbeing scheme to support frontline healthcare professionals with emotional and psychological distress.

Amrita is committed to fostering positive discussions on discrimination and marginalisation. She actively challenges the current climate and advocates for equity in personal and professional settings. As the Co-Chair of the Disabled Doctors Network, she plays a crucial role in promoting equality.

Recognised as an expert in her field, Amrita has made appearances on BBC News, participated in podcasts, webinars, panel discussions, and International Conferences. She has also contributed to articles published in BMJ and has had her research published in The British Journal of Health Psychology.