TEDxWarrington 2022

‘Build Connection, Strengthen Communities’

The Talks

Connecting with harmony | Emma Baylin | TEDxWarrington

Poetry never abandons us | Kate Jenkinson | TEDxWarrington

Everything is connected, connection is everything | Ali Davenport | TEDxWarrington

Why conservation education matters | Charlotte Smith | TEDxWarrington

Finding freedom in using a wheelchair | Pete Donnelly | TEDxWarrington

There is nothing wrong in your life right now | Russell Treasure | TEDxWarrington

Improvisation can change your life | John Cooper | TEDxWarrington

Inclusion is selfish | Rachel Morgan-Trimmer | TEDxWarrington

Connecting with authentic success | Kate Trafford | TEDxWarrington

From frustration to fascination: Embracing cognitive diversity | Kerry Lockyer | TEDxWarrington

Building an alternate future through grief | Ben Dunne | TEDxWarrington


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