Pete Donnelly

"Finding freedom in using a wheelchair."

Pete has been a wheelchair user for 15 years and has worked in third sector disability organisations for more than a decade. Pete has a wealth of experience working at local, national and global charities to empower disabled people through skills development, advocacy and campaigning for a more inclusive society.

Whether it’s taking a 71-hour train journey across the Kazakh step, driving through the mountains of Kurdish Iraq or struggling to get on the 344 bus to work because the wheelchair space is full of prams, the challenges of physical disability have given Pete resilience and a unique insight into a world where 1 in 5 people has a disability.

With goals of making societal change happen, Pete aims to empower the disabled community while challenging the antiquated structures that are there to support. This motivated him to form The Wheelchair Skills College with the vision of ensuring that every wheelchair user has access to essential life skills.

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