Ali Davenport

"Everything is connected. Connection is everything."

Ali is a writer, poet and thinker who has spent her life asking questions, and discussing life, the universe and everything in it. She’s the author of ‘soul survival guide’, a book that explores common ideas and approaches from the spiritual and psychological worlds, such as kindness and positive thinking.

During the pandemic, Ali wrote the ‘soul survival guide: pandemic a-z’, which led on to a pocketbook of poetry, ‘we’re all new to this – words of comfort & encouragement during the pandemic’. She shared the poems on railings and shop windows around Northenden in Wythenshawe, Manchester as part of an ‘Up Your Street’ event.

In December 2021, Ali created Connection Fest – a month-long online festival – with the support of the Camerados, to bring people together to explore and celebrate connection and what it means to us. Ali shared her second collection of poetry, ‘Days of Grace’, in January 2022. She describes it as soulcraft for uncertain times.

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