Lucy Jackman

Marketing / Communications

Further Information

Lucy's Role

Lucy is tasked with keeping our TEDx fans updated and informed about the event. She writes all the content for the website, plans the messages we share, and is also Kirsty’s deputy on the organising team working on event organisation and delivery.


Lucy is a skilled copywriter and self-confessed grammar geek who loves supporting businesses to develop engaging content and craft their own unique story. She specialises in writing web and blog content, although she loves all forms of the written word, especially working on re-branding projects that mean she can get her Sharpies out and allow her mind to wander in all kinds of weird and wonderful directions.


Lucy spends most of her spare time watching football. She’s a huge fan of the game, has been a Liverpool season ticket holder for over 20 years, and pops along to watch Warrington Town when fixtures allow. She loves a live event and enjoys musicals and comedy shows with friends and family. Her favourite ways to switch off are gardening, walking, a good book, knitting, and learning to crochet.

What's your favourite TED/TEDx talk and why?

The Magical Art of Storytelling – David JP Phillips 

I love the way David shares what storytelling does to our brain – by using stories. It’s contains three of my favourite things – a love story, James Bond, and someone getting the giggles!