Andrew Thorp

Event Host

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Andrew's Role

Andrew will be the TEDx Warrington event host and MC. He’ll be on stage introducing the audience to all our wonderful speakers with his unique blend of wit and wisdom.


Andrew is an award-winning speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of business storytelling (what he calls ‘Verbal PR’). He works with senior leaders, technicians and other professionals to improve their communication and influencing skills, especially where the depth of their expertise hinders their ability to connect with a lay audience. He works internationally with both SMEs and global corporations; his client list includes Coca-Cola, Swiss Re, PwC and the European Parliament.


When he’s not sharing the joys of storytelling, Andrew can be found rediscovering his love for table tennis with his partner (who’s very competitive), and helping out with home improvements. A keen golfer, in 1989, Andrew refereed in the Ryder Cup and also appeared as a contestant on the TV quiz show (Busman’s Holiday), answering questions on the rules of golf. It didn’t go well!

What's your favourite TED/TEDx talk and why?

Rita Pierson’s talk on Why every child needs a champion.

Sadly, Rita is no longer with us but she was such an inspirational teacher and two of my kids have adopted that profession. Her talk contains a lovely balance of humour, humility and profundity.