Carlos Munez

Carlos Munez “Adversity, discovery and acceptance of a true identity.” Carlos is one of the last Peruvian adoptees to come to the UK. Having grown up in Bolton and Cheshire he’s acquired an obscure accent! Carlos is pursuing a career in Design Management. It’s an opportunity and achievement of a lifetime considering his aspirations at […]

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee “Unmasking Invisible Disability: challenging bias to enable change.” Amrita is a strong believer in enabling people to harness their potential to grow, thrive, and flourish. With a focus on promoting healthier work-life practices, she supports people through the cultivation of individualised, unique wellbeing strategies and has focused her research and work […]

Lester Barr MBE

Lester Barr MBE “Can we prevent breast cancer?” Lester has been a consultant surgeon specialising in breast cancer for over 25 years. He has published over 100 papers on breast cancer and surgical oncology. In 1997, he co-founded the charity Prevent Breast Cancer, a research focussed grant-awarding body, which funds research into prediction, prevention and […]

Sue Evans

Sue Evans “Exposing the lie – changing your relationship with stress.” Sue specialises in improving performance through people and process, supporting business leaders to embed the skills and culture of continuous improvement, and enabling improvements in productivity, quality and customer experience. In her early career, Sue delivered operational excellence and transformational change for international organisations. […]

Nicola Wood

Nicola Wood “Beyond appearances: The deeper connection between identity and hair loss.” Nicola describes her job as ‘a hairdresser for one day a week and spends the rest of the week trying to change the world for people with cancer and hair loss’. As a woman living with rheumatoid arthritis, one of the side effects […]

Louisa Herridge

Louisa Herridge “Could reading a bedtime story change the world?” Louisa is a business, writing and Positive Psychology coach, author and speaker. She has overcome many adversities in life, including domestic abuse, debt, and living with chronic pain, which led to depression and major back surgery. She is a solo mum to her daughter. Louisa […]

Robert Dixon

Robert Dixon “Disrupt or be disrupted: Embracing generative AI.” Robert is a seasoned business leader and respected academic. He excels in strategic management, specialising in AI applications for business. With 25 years’ experience in both SMEs and blue-chip firms, and over a decade in MBA education, Robert merges theory with practice, delivering cutting-edge insights and […]

Karl Perry

Karl Perry “How being dead changed my perspective on life.” Karl describes himself as a bang average bloke who grew up in Humberston, a small village near Grimsby in north east Lincolnshire. He now lives in a similarly small village in south Manchester. Karl is a freelance copywriter, author and a qualified personal and business […]

Jo Tosh

Jo Tosh “Riding the rapids of young-onset Parkinson’s (YOPD).” Jo Tosh is a former cardiology nurse and principal lecturer who now blogs and campaigns for Parkinson’s. Jo was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she was just 47 years old. Now 55, she has recently undergone a surgical treatment called deep brain stimulation (DBS). Jo’s journey to […]