Community values promote learning and development opportunities

MKM Warrington is proud to be sponsoring TEDxWarrington, which is focused on the theme of Building Connection, Strengthen Communities, as part of their ongoing efforts to support and benefit the Warrington community. Branch directors David Harari and Ian Greenhough have a history of supporting Warrington and giving back to the community. TEDxWarrington is no different.

Why support TEDx Warrington

David said: “MKM has chosen to support TEDxWarrington because the event is an accessible recourse for the community and for those who want to learn. MKM – and by extension MKM Warrington – is a people business, where we nurture our team and encourage growth”.

MKM Warrington currently has 3 apprentices, working in different areas of the branch in fields including kitchen design, the yard and customer service. The Warrington branch has also been working with Warrington and Vale Royal college over the last four years and has developed a good relationship with the construction department to offer students upskilling opportunities, challenges and prizes for awards given by the department.

Ian said: “The values of TEDxWarrington are very much in line with the ideas and ethos that we maintain at MKM. It is important to David and me that we look after our staff, allow them to grow and develop and pass on our knowledge to help them grasp every opportunity. However, we know that learning is a reciprocal process, so we always strive to learn from our team, too.”

Community values

The central reason for the branch’s sponsorship is MKM Warrington’s commitment to the Warrington community. Since arriving in Warrington five years ago, MKM has focused on supporting communities. Branch directors David and Ian are proud to support a wide range of local causes, as are their team of 27.

David said: “Ian and I have known each other for many years and when we opened MKM Warrington we knew we wanted to develop strong ties with the area. Neither of us are from Warrington originally, but that was never factored in, and hasn’t stopped us. We have worked hard to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers and in education, which has resulted in a strong partnership with the local college that I hope will continue for many years.”

MKM Warrington has also supported a range of events and causes around Warrington, in any way they can. The branch has been a partner to Warrington Disability Partnership, and on an ad hoc basis provides supplies to causes and organisations if they have been caught out, need help with materials or are a good cause in need.

While continuing to give time to causes close to the hearts of their staff, the Warrington branch has completed a bike ride from Hull to Warrington, a three-day journey that saw them arrive at the finish line on Disability Awareness Day in July 2019.

With a strong connection to the ‘Rotary Club of Warrington’, the branch has been a major supporter of Warrington Oktoberfest, even taking shifts behind the bar on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays to help out.

Warrington branch also does what it can to help other Warrington based business and develop connections and a supportive atmosphere in the community. In previous years they have sponsored the Ryland Sharks Rugby club U12 kit and even sponsored players at Warrington Wolves.

MKM Warrington will continue to support a wide range of local causes and find new ways to support and give back to the local area.

Blog by MKM Warrington.

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