Gill Fletcher

Gill Fletcher Operations Further Information Advanced VA Advanced VA Gill’s Role Gill is part of the original, core organising team and has an operations responsibility. Her behind-the-scenes role covers event planning, systems, admin and compliance, from monitoring and replying to emails to supporting the speaker programme and organising team. Work Gill is a virtual […]

Lucy Jackman

Lucy Jackman Marketing / Communications Further Information Comma Sense Comma Sense Lucy’s Role Lucy is tasked with keeping our TEDx fans updated and informed about the event. She writes all the content for the website, plans the messages we share, and is also Kirsty‚Äôs deputy on the organising team working on event organisation and […]

Kirsty James

Kirsty James Organiser and Licensee Further Information Kirsty James Consulting Kirsty James Kirsty’s Role Bringing TEDx to her home town had always been a long-term dream for Kirsty. She realised this goal in 2022 with the delivery of the inaugural TEDxWarrington. Kirsty is the licensee and curator of TEDxWarrington and leads the organising team […]