Short Bio

DATS are passionate about the engineering industry!

We support the industry with, Recruitment and Engineering CAD/Surveying services On the recruitment side our engineering recruitment specialists based in Warrington town centre, have 60 years’ experience under our belts. So, we are proud to have partnered with, and added value to, companies throughout the UK and overseas across many sectors, finding the best talent, with the best fit for their organisation - helping them to achieve their own goals and become leaders in their area of expertise.

Our CAD team can provide 2D/3D expertise, either it a simple amendment to a drawing up to creating models for the manufacturing industry or building/construction sector. This is supported with an on-site surveying team using the latest 3D scanning equipment to generate accurate data for a building or manufacturing plant.

What is an interesting fact about your organisation?

We have been in business for 63 years and are still family owned. The founder at 86 still keeps an active interest in what the business does.

Why are you supporting TEDxWarrington?

I know of TED and enjoy watching speakers on various subjects, so when I heard that they we having an event in the Warrington I was keen to support it being a local business.

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