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Roz and Sophy's role

Beech Web Services is TEDx Warrington’s website provider. Working closely with the organising team throughout the planning process, they developed our official website and online speaker application portal in line with stringent TEDx guidelines. Roz and Sophy continue to support the team with sound technical advice, website maintenance and actioning our (frequent!) content updates.

About Beech Web Services

Roz Healey is an experienced website developer and digital marketer with 26 years’ experience across SEO, digital marketing strategy and implementation, online advertising and ecommerce. Alongside ‘powerhouse’ WordPress developer Sophy Bostock, they form Beech Web Services. From their base in central Warrington they create and maintain websites and manage digital marketing projects for small and medium sized businesses across Warrington and Cheshire.

Roz and Sophy take the time to fully understand their customers’ needs and evolve their strategy to suit - all the while remaining refreshingly honest. They thrive on taking the stress away from website owners allowing them to spend less time on their website and more time on their business plans.

Roz’s insight, knowledge and experience in creating and updating websites, running Google Ads campaigns, and digital marketing strategy is second-to-none. Sophy’s strengths are in creating and maintaining modern, responsive WordPress websites, diagnosing and solving technical issues on a variety of page builders, plugins and hosting setups.

Roz at Play

Not one to stand still, Roz is currently studying towards an MSc in Digital Marketing at Chester University. When she’s not studying, you’ll find her hiking up mountains, kayaking, practising archery, dancing salsa, reading weighty novels, and trips to the theatre.

Sophy at Play

Sophy loves cars and devotes much of her free time to maintaining her beloved Toyota Corolla T Sport, attending car events and hanging out with the racing crowd at Oulton Park. An avid cat lover, she also works as a cat sitter for local Warrington business My Three Cats.

What's your favourite TED/TEDx talk and why?


Kelly McGonigal - How to make stress your friend

After experiencing a heart attack, a nurse at Cardiac Rehab showed me this presentation when I was concerned that a stressful day at work might trigger another episode. Kelly’s view that that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case blew my mind at the time, and I’ve never worried about it since.


Supasorn Suwajanakorn - Fake Videos of Real People – and How to Spot Them

When you see how easy it is to create fake videos using AI, this talk will shock you like it did me. Now that the technology exists and is growing in popularity, it’s even harder to spot fake content online.

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